Why IT Ka Kaam?

In IT Ka Kaam, we are not just focusing to do good work but also focus on each and every employee’s personal growth. We achieve this through

Accelerate Your Growth : Applying cutting-edge technology is just our daily practices. At IT Ka Kaam Software Solutions, you can do more. IT Ka Kaam provides you with great opportunities to learn new technologies and new technical research. You can unleash your full expertise, to maximise your potentials, and above all, always to challenge yourself.

Work in New Technologies : We have partnerships with technology majors, through which we provide you with opportunities to work on the latest technologies.

One-one meeting: We have a unique approach to reach every employee working with us through personal meeting in a month. We discuss about what challenges he/she facing in professional and personal life and what are his/her and our expectations with each other. We also discuss about how he can improve and set his long term goals in his professional life which will provide mutual benefits.

Weekly fun hours : IT Ka Kaam believes that Work is not only part of an employee life but each one should also have fun or relaxing time in his busy life. Employees in IT Ka Kaam has fun hours in every week where all employees together spend their time while playing cricket, volleyball, football, badminton or watching movies.

Outing : Regular company social and recreational events. Almost Evert month, all employees go for some outing to have fun and making strong team bounding activates.

Medical Insurance : IT Ka Kaam gives medical insurance for each employee who works with us.

Flexible working hours : IT Ka Kaam offers flexible working timing to their employees so that every employee can maintain a perfect balance in their personal and professional life.